3 Big Data Stocks to Prosper in the ‘Intelligence Economy’

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In the burgeoning intelligence economy, data stands as the linchpin of innovation. By 2025, six billion consumers are expected to tap into data every 18 seconds, bolstered by IoT devices producing a staggering 79 zettabytes (ZB).

Looking back at 2020, the International Data Corporation highlighted a massive 59ZB of data creation and capture, and with the rise of 5G and IoT, projections indicate this could surge to 200ZB by FY2025.

Furthermore, pioneers in today’s industry demonstrate data’s transformative prowess. For instance, Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) capitalizes on its vast data pool to innovate in entertainment. And Uber (NYSE:UBER) strategically utilizes insights, driving profound shifts in transportation dynamics.

Consequently, this paints a golden tableau for savvy investors. It’s not just the sheer volume but the inherent value of data that matters. Firms expertly navigating this data terrain are not only reshaping industries but also redefining investment horizons.

Splunk (SPLK)

Splunk (SPLK) logo on the company office in Santana Row.

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Diving deep into the intelligence economy, big data is the pulsating heart, and Splunk (NASDAQ:SPLK) stands out as its maestro.

This data analytics powerhouse, harnessing machine learning, offers tools such as Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud, which empower users to collect, dissect seamlessly, and harness data.

Moreover, Splunk’s recent history paints a portrait of success. A snapshot from Q2 of 2024 reveals a robust revenue spike of $911 million, marking an impressive 14% year-over-year (YOY) growth. Simultaneously, their annual recurring revenue (ARR) flourished, reaching $3.86 billion. These figures aren’t merely numbers. They’re a testament to Splunk’s rising prominence across different industries and geographies.

Furthermore, with a tantalizing $100 billion addressable market in security and observability, Splunk’s growth potential is vast. A recent free cash flow of $805 million further propels them, fueling innovation.

In the big data saga, Splunk appears not just as a character but as a compelling protagonist.

MongoDB (MDB)

A close-up view of the MongoDB (MDB) office in Silicon Valley.

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Steering away from the well-trodden paths of traditional SQL and Oracle databases, MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB) champions the NoSQL architecture. While it has legacy databases in its arsenal, the cloud-based Atlas database takes the spotlight. It resonates with Gartner’s endorsement as a leader in cloud database management systems.

Moreover, synchronized with the AI surge, MongoDB taps into the growing demand. AI’s expansion calls for enhanced storage, memory, and databases. MongoDB, with its agile document-based structure, is tailor-made for this AI era, offering unparalleled scaling. Additionally, its recent earnings spotlight a 40% YOY spike in subscription revenue, hitting $409.3 million, with Atlas registering massive growth numbers.

As we gaze ahead, MongoDB’s trajectory seems poised for distinction. A slew of innovative features, including Atlas Stream Processing, promise to further its edge. Coupled with strong customer growth, adding 1900 in the last quarter, MongoDB is not just a participant in the big data era but a formidable contender.

Datadog (DDOG)

The Datadog (DDOG) logo displayed on a laptop screen.

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In the expansive realm of big data stocks, Datadog (NASDAQ:DDOG) emerges as a formidable cloud monitoring maestro.

It boasts an impressive clientele of over 26,000, with luminaries like Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) in the fold. Datadog’s stock trajectory did hit a bump, tumbling by a stark 58% in 2022. Yet, Datadog’s stock is rebounding, currently up 21% year-to-date. Additionally, it showcased a robust 25.4% revenue boost in Q2 2023, clocking in at $509.4 million and outpacing estimates with earnings per share at 36 cents.

Further, with an eye on soaring cloud adoption, they’re targeting an addressable market of $62 billion by 2026. And cloud monitoring expenditures are predicted to spike 24% annually through 2030.

Finally, fresh launches in AI, security, and automation are enhancing Datadog’s repertoire. With over 30% of clients already onboard with products introduced post-2021 and a promising profitability curve, DDOG is undeniably a stock to watch in the intelligence economy.

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