The Single Most Important Technology for the $2 Trillion Autonomous Car Revolution

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Autonomous cars are coming… and they’re coming fast.

And analysts now believe that one out of every 10 cars sold will be autonomous by 2030.

Since October 2020, Google’s Waymo startup has been allowing people to hail their self-driving cars through an app — a program that has been received incredibly positively.

Many could be rushing to get in before the AV (autonomous vehicle) boom, possibly snapping up battery companies like Tesla or autonomous car companies like Google.

But there is one overlooked play in this $2 trillion market…

Artificial intelligence companies.

Artificial intelligence could be absolutely critical for the long-term success of autonomous vehicles.

Why? It’s simple.

Without AI, autonomous cars wouldn’t be able to analyze the massive data sets needed to operate independently.

That’s why Google’s Waymo self-driving car program has been investing heavily into AI. And why Apple scooped up a $200 million AI autonomous car startup,

“AI is going to be the one of the biggest investments of the decade,” says Louis Navellier, one of America’s most iconic tech analysts. “And it isn’t just autonomous vehicles… AI is going to be the driving force behind dozens of industries. Companies that don’t use it will be at a disadvantage. It’s going to kick-start this new wave of innovation and generate a lot of revenue for investors in the process.”

And Navellier’s statements shouldn’t be taken lightly.

He isolated Microsoft when it was trading for just 38 cents and Apple at $1.49.

And MarketWatch has praised Navellier as the analyst who “recommended Google before anyone else.”

Today Navellier believes that AI will be the defining investment of the $2 trillion autonomous car revolution. And that isn’t all.

He believes AI will be the most important investment of the century, offering early investors a potential second shot at the huge gains seen in the 1990s tech boom.

He just released a new presentation naming his #1 pick for the coming AI revolution. You can view it for free by clicking here.

Click Here to Watch His Presentation

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